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A long time ago in a district of

Japan called Tama far, far away...

There ware hills where many

animals,birds,insects grew,

various plants blossomed

and fairies ware dancing.

People worked in their farms

and enjoyed holidays.

Here you can see some pictures

taken by a fool before

nature of hills disappeared

from this Galaxy.

I hope you enjoy, thank you.


南山 稲城 多摩丘陵 南山 稲城 多摩丘陵 
Click here and get Google maps of the Hills
2022/11/3 : 636 spiecies uploaded on the Picture book of Creatures
2020/8/22 : Some landmark icons on 2020 and 2021 map

2020/6/11 : Restart on new site

Please feel free to email me if you like the pictures of hills and valleys. pen_196@yahoo.co.jp

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